Celebrating Our Outstanding Alumni

Each year, in conjunction with Homecoming, the Marching Hundred Alumni Council presents the Newell Hillis Long Award to honor an individual who has exhibited a longstanding commitment to the Alumni Band through regular attendance at Homecoming, promotion of Marching Hundred alumni activities amongst friends and colleagues, and enthusiastically seeks to assist the Alumni Band where possible. The award is presented in person at Homecoming in the fall.


Marching Hundred Distinguished Alumni Award

Beginning in 2019 the Marching Hundred Alumni Council will be accepting nominations for a new award, the Marching Hundred Distinguished Alumni Award.  This award will be presented to an alumnus/a of the Marching Hundred who has achieved significant recognition or accomplishment in their chosen field (business, academic, military/government/, arts, etc.), community service or university service.  The award will be presented in person at Homecoming in the fall.

Nominations shall be submitted via the online form available on the Marching Hundred website, IUAA website, or accessed via Marching Hundred Alumni Facebook page; or on the online Homecoming Registration form.

  • The nomination must contain:
    1. Name of nominee(s)
    2. Nature of nominee(s)’ field or public service
    3. Nature of ongoing support for the Marching Hundred or Marching Hundred Alumni Council
    4. Name and address of nominator
  • The nomination should be submitted by September 30 to be considered for the award given in the following Homecoming.
  • Nominations are to remain confidential.

Newell Hillis Long Award

Each year, the Marching Hundred honors an alumnus/a with the Newell Hillis Long Award during Homecoming festivities. This award is given to the alumnus/a who the committee believes best exemplifies the high professional standards and contributions set forth by Long.

For decades, Long devoted his gifted talents and prized technical knowledge to IU as teacher, administrator, composer and arranger, loyal alumnus, and dear friend. The recipient of the Newell Hillis Long Award represents attainment of excellence and is honored by his/her colleagues, just as the Marching Hundred is honored a hundredfold to count Long in its musical and personal heritage.

Please submit recommendations for the Newell Hillis Long Award on your Homecoming registration form.