Indiana University Dance Team – The RedSteppers

Indiana University Dance Team – The RedSteppers is an integral part of the IU Marching Hundred. Since 1972, these ladies have added an element of sparkle to the Band’s performances. The team focuses on many styles of dance including ballet, jazz, and pom, and has a tradition of executing a beautiful kick-line during each halftime performance. Members are actively involved in IU’s football game day experience. RedSteppers dance on the field as a spirit team during football games and perform with the band during halftime.

Redsteppers 2019 Campus
Redsteppers 2019 Campus
Redsteppers 2019 Gameday Cheer
Redsteppers 2019 Gameday Kickline
Redsteppers 2019 Group Showcase
Redsteppers 2019 Group Sign
Redsteppers 2020 Group Bw
Redsteppers 2020 Group
Redsteppers 2019 CampusRedsteppers 2019 Gameday CheerRedsteppers 2019 Gameday KicklineRedsteppers 2019 Group ShowcaseRedsteppers 2019 Group SignRedsteppers 2020 Group BwRedsteppers 2020 Group

SIGN UP for the Virtual Clinic on November 15! For grades 9-12.


  • Fall Practice is Monday-Friday 4:10-5:45pm
  • Participants receive 2 class credits
  • Depending on how many years a dancer has been part of the band, the dancer is
    allowed to miss 30 minutes of class time per week due to other class conflicts.

    • 1st year in band=30 minutes of class time
    • 2nd year in band= 60 minutes of class time
    • 3rd year in band= 90 minutes of class time
    • 4th year in band= 120 minutes of class time

* If a dancer must miss more than the amount of time above, the dancer will be a permanent alternate for the season.

Band Camp:

IU Marching Hundred Band Camp: Sunday, August 16 to Saturday August 23, 2020

Spring Semester Practice:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 4-6pm* (Times subject to change)
  • Participants receive 1 class credit

Spring Semester is NOT mandatory. However, only those enrolled in the class are able to do spring performances.


  • Every home Football Game (All Day)
  • Usually one away game a year
  • 2-3 volleyball games, 2-3 soccer games, 1-3 wrestling matches, 2-6 basketball games, clinics, community events, Riley Dance Marathon, Hoosier Hysteria, pep rallies, etc.

Red Boot Boot Camp:

We will meet once in the summer to do team bonding and get a start on the season’s material. Dates for this will be given at auditions. It is mandatory unless there is an extenuating circumstance. Dancer would need to cover his or her own transportation and boarding.

Auditions for the 2020-2021 Season:

2021-2022 Auditions: April 17, 2021

Dance Requirements:

-Triple Turn

-Turns in second sequence

-Right and Left Splits

-Kick Line Technique

More info to come


2020 Virtual Clinic will be held on November 15, 2020. Check out the RedStepper Instagram for more Info