3 Steps to Join the Marching Hundred

  1. Download and read the “2019 Rookie Newsletter” (PDF)
  2. Sign up for Band Camp
  3. Read and bookmark this link: “Class Registration Info” and sign up for the class when you attend Orientation at IU

Study Hard
Watch and practice Marching Hundred fundamentals to be ahead of the curve for band camp. Watch Online

If you are interested in joining the Marching Hundred, at summer registration enroll in X40 (music majors only) or X50 (non music majors) for two hours of tuition-free credit. Marching Hundred members must be available to practice from 4:10 to 5:45 p.m. daily as well as Saturday mornings. A $40 fee will be charged to each individual for the maintenance of uniforms. Follow these links for information on joining The Redsteppers or The IU Drumline.

Stay Informed
Have your parents sign up to receive the Marching Hundred Fan Newsletter. This e-newsletter is sent before every home game with a message from the Director, photos and more. Sign up for Fan News

Final Details
The Marching Hundred has a great band tradition. Membership in the Hundred gives you the opportunity to be part of a 300-member team. Being a member of the Marching Hundred does require dedication, hard work, and perseverance, but the thrill of being a member of a truly great marching organization makes practice satisfying and memorable. Come make music with us – one of the greatest college marching bands of America: the Indiana University Marching Hundred!

Other Performance Opportunities
The Marching Hundred is only one of several bands found on the IU Bloomington campus. The All-Campus Band is available for non-music majors. Entry in the All-Campus Band does not require an audition. Simply register for MUS-X 1, All Campus Band. Many students find it rewarding to be in the Marching Hundred in the fall semester and All-Campus Band in the spring semester.

In addition, the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band are music-major ensembles that present several concerts each semester and rehearse daily. Auditions are required for entrance into one of these groups. The Department of Bands is committed to providing a playing opportunity for every interested IU student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a music major to join the Marching Hundred?
Basic rhythm, technical facility, and marching experience are the most important qualifications for membership. It is not necessary to be a music major. In fact, over 90 percent of the Marching Hundred is made up of non-music majors.

Will I have time in my schedule to join the Marching Hundred
Look at it this way…In high school, you spend up to 7 hours per day in class – in college, that number drops at least in half – you’ll be in class only 3-4 hours per day. This leaves 3-4 hours free compared to your current high school schedule!! Hundred is only 1.5 hours per day, so you still come out 2.5 hours ahead!

Is it extremely difficult to join the Marching Hundred?
ALL BRASS AND WOODWIND PLAYERS are automatically accepted into the Hundred – auditions for a spot in the permanent marching block are held during Camp. During Band Camp, students will be taught basic drill and music, first with only the new member (“Rookie”) class, then with the returning students. Band Camp concludes with An Evening at the House, a chance to march in the Mellencamp Pavilion and Memorial Stadium, find the band stadium seats, and participate in the annual section competition. Parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Is the Marching Hundred only brass and percussion?
Instruments used in the Marching Hundred include piccolo, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone, and percussion. Only mellophones, baritones, sousaphones and percussion are provided by Indiana University.

The Marching Hundred is one of the best experiences of your college life.
Just look at the support on the Alumni site, or the spirit at the games, and you can SEE for yourself why so many people say the Marching Hundred is one of the highlights of their college career.