A message from Marching Hundred Director Dr. Eric Smedley:

“We are committed to having the Marching Hundred rehearse and perform in person in the Fall. What this will look like exactly is still to be determined; however, we have proposed a plan to the University that includes appropriate safety measures, including operating outdoors as much as possible and social distancing. We feel we are in a unique position to operate in full force due to the fact that we are an outdoor activity. We are working hard to make the Fall 2020 Marching Hundred a fun, rewarding, and spirited time for all.”

3 Steps to Join the Marching Hundred

  1. Sign up for Band Camp
  2. Read and bookmark this link: Class Registration Info and sign up for the class when you attend Orientation at IU
  3. Read the FAQ (scroll down)

Study Hard
Watch and practice Marching Hundred fundamentals to be ahead of the curve for band camp. Watch Online

If you are interested in joining the Marching Hundred, at summer registration enroll in MUS-X40 (music majors only) or MUS-X50 (non music majors) for two hours of tuition-free credit. Marching Hundred members must be available to practice from 4:50-6:25 p.m. daily as well as Saturday mornings. A $40 lab fee will be charged to each individual. Follow these links for information on joining the Redsteppers or the IU Drumline.

Stay Informed
Have your parents sign up to receive the Marching Hundred Fan Newsletter. This e-newsletter is sent before every home game with a message from the Director, photos and more. Sign up for Fan News

Other Performance Opportunities
The Marching Hundred is only one of several bands found on the IU Bloomington campus. The All-Campus Band is available for non-music majors and does not require an audition to join. Simply register for MUS-X 1, All Campus Band. Many students find it rewarding to be in the Marching Hundred in the fall semester and All-Campus Band in the spring semester.

In addition, the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band are music-major ensembles that present several concerts each semester and rehearse daily. Auditions are required for entrance into one of these groups. The Department of Bands is committed to providing a playing opportunity for every interested IU student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a music major to join the Marching Hundred?
Basic rhythm, technical facility, and marching experience are the most important qualifications for membership. It is not necessary to be a music major. In fact, over 90 percent of the Marching Hundred is made up of non-music majors.

Will I have time in my schedule to join the Marching Hundred?
Hundred is only 1.5 hours per day. Some class conflicts are allowed – these conflicts are worked out at the end of Band Camp. In addition, we have found the rookie Grade Point Average for Hundred members is nearly .5 higher than the University average!

When is Band Camp?  Do I have to audition to join the Marching Hundred?

  1. Percussion auditions begin Monday, August 17 – learn more HERE. Those who audition successfully attend the remainder of Band Camp. The drumline is the most competitive section of the Hundred. Members usually come from strong high school and drum corps programs.
  2. Woodwinds and Brassno audition needed to join – start Saturday, August 22 with informal and safe social gatherings by sections. Your undergraduate staff will be in touch with you with more information.
  3. RedStepper auditions are in May, and camp begins Monday, August 17 – learn more HERE.  RedSteppers who audition successfully usually have many years of previous dance and ballet training.

Can I stay in my dorm during Band  Camp? Students living in the dorm can sign up to move into your room early. You are responsible for your dorm room payment and meals until RPS contracts start.

What instruments are used in the Marching Hundred? Are they provided?
Instruments used in the Marching Hundred include piccolo (no flutes), clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone, snare/tenor/bass drums and cymbals.
Instruments provided by Indiana University are: mellophones, trombones, baritones, sousaphones and percussion.

Will I need to do fundraisers?  No! The Marching Hundred is financially supported by the Department of Athletics.

How much does it cost?  There is a one-time $40.00 lab fee for the class. You’ll need to pay for housing and meals during Band Camp, bring your own lyre (except piccolos), and, starting in 2021, purchase a specific pair of all-white marching shoes. Other than those 4 items, your membership in the Hundred is free.

I have a class conflict. What do I do?  The Hundred DOES allow class conflicts, based on year in band.  1st year members are allowed to miss 30 minutes of band each week due to class conflicts.  The number of minutes missed goes up the longer you stay in band – up to 2 hours missed per week for a 4th year member.  If you have additional class conflicts, they will be handled on a case by-case status with the Director of the Hundred, Eric Smedley.

Do we travel? Do we compete?  The Marching Hundred performs at all home football games and the homecoming parade and pep rally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no travel to away games or bowl games, and we will not do a live halftime show. There are no competitions for college bands, so our main goals are to entertain the audience and support the IU athletic teams. We perform a variety of different halftime shows, with music ranging from jazz to rock to pop. If you think you’ve had enough of marching band, you will find the Hundred to be an exciting change of pace.

What do I need to bring to Band Camp? 

  1. comfortable, warm weather clothing
  2. a good pair of tennis shoes (sandals, flip flops are not permitted)
  3. Sunscreen, hat, water bottle, towel.
  4. A lyre (except piccolo players). We do not furnish lyres.
  5. White shoes (details will be emailed to you)
  6. You will sign an agreement form to have a $40.00 bill added to your bursar account. This money is due when you check out your uniform.

The Marching Hundred is one of the best experiences of your college life.
The Marching Hundred has a great band tradition. Membership in the Hundred gives you the opportunity to be part of a 300-member team. It does require dedication, hard work, and perseverance, but the thrill of being a member of a truly great marching organization makes practice satisfying and memorable. Come make music with us – one of the greatest college marching bands of America: the Indiana University Marching Hundred! Just look at the support on the Alumni site, or the spirit at the games, and you can SEE for yourself why so many people say the Marching Hundred is one of the highlights of their college career.