The Indiana University Crabb Band—named for Chuck Crabb, Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities—is a select athletic band comprised of Marching Hundred members that performs for men’s and women’s soccer games. This paid, professional group is selected via audition, and represents both the Department of Bands and the IU Athletic Department. Members are expected to treat their status in the group as a professional commitment.

Instrumentation for Crabb Band is as follows:
3 Horns
6 Trumpets
6 Trombones
2 Baritone
3 Sousaphones
2 percussion

CRABB BAND Membership Information

  1. Auditions for the group (which include prepared music from the current marching season as well as sight-reading) are held in early September. Only current Marching Hundred members are eligible to audition. There will be some consideration for previous service, although this can also count against an individual (previous tardies and/or absences). It is understood that conflicts arise, but if many are foreseen, please consider not auditioning. (i.e. a part-time job, heavy class load with Hundred, etc.)
  2. Payment for all events is $20 per service. Call time for soccer band is 45 minutes prior to the start of game. Tardies result in a $5 reduction in payment. If a member is to miss a performance, a substitute in your section from the Crabb Band contact list MUST be found. Please call subs in the order that they appear on the personnel list. If no substitute can be found, you must contact the Director at least 24 hours in advance of the event. Failure to notify the Director within 24 hours may jeopardize your permanent spot in Crabb Band.
  3. Members of the Crabb Band are highly encouraged to audition for the Big Red Basketball Band (BRBB), although membership in the Crabb Band does not guarantee a place in the BRBB.
  4. All members of the Crabb Band need to be available for all men’s and women’s tournament play, both home and away. Permanent members are expected to travel with the band to NCAA events and should anticipate such travel in late fall and plan accordingly. Substitutes for tournament trips will be contacted by the director if needed in sub list order.
  5. Dress: All Crabb Band members will be provided with an “official” Crabb Band shirt. This shirt will be worn at all soccer games along with khaki pants or shorts, depending on the weather. In the event of rain at a soccer match please bring your Marching Hundred raincoat to use.
  6. Crabb Band members may, at the discretion of the Director, forfeit regular membership after being absent from three or more games, and in such cases may be moved to the first substitute. In this case, the first-call substitute member from the list will replace the position.
  7. Be prepared to play at all times during the game! “Breaks” are not permitted (unless permission is given by the Director to use the restroom). No more than one person at a time!
  8. Anyone found playing a game under the influence of any banned substance (as per university policy) will be dismissed from the game immediately. Future standing in the IU Athletic Bands will be determined by Prof. David Woodley, Director of Athletic Bands.
  9. The Crabb Band is a spirited group and is probably the best part-time job anyone could ask for. We are expected to be a support and entertainment unit. Positive cheering is encouraged at all times. Swearing will not be tolerated. ABSOLUTELY NO homework or headphones are allowed during games. Please do your part to support IU Athletics as they support the IU Bands!